The Magical Papers Online - Level 3

Be Your Own Alchemist

What are the Magical Papers anyway? A guide. An invitation. A reminder. A calling.

In this Level 3 class, you'll learn the art of Alchemy in your own life. How you can tap into more of walking in both worlds -- the physical, and the non-physical.

"The Magical Papers is an empowering and insightful instrument Julia has masterfully devised to help others meet their soul-self. If you are curious on how you can "tap" into your own knowing, The Magical Papers webinar will offer you the tools to show you how. You will leave feeling fulfilled, grateful and a bit closer to understanding the divine."

-Coree Colbare

This workshop will equip you with more than you can imagine and help you navigate these uncertain waters with the confidence of your own Knowing.

*Level 1 and 2 are suggested, but not required.


You'll join Julia for this 150 minute webinar, learn about the four vibrations and how to listen deeply, and walk away with access to the webinar recording & transcript and a digital chapter from Julia's book, The Indigenous Soul.

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