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The Dragonfly Story

Curious about the Dragonflies?

Preview what you'll learn, experience, and enjoy as a member of The Dragonfly Circle. Listen to Julia as she introduces the Dragonfly Story and shares how the Dragonflies have the power to transform your OWN knowing and your life.  

Dragonfly Story ___♂️
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Dragonflies -- Messengers of God

The word "Angel" means Messenger of God. These dragonflies are Messengers of God!


They come to us all to bring messages of peace, joy, and love to us ~ that we may see ~ who we are.


We are Children of a Divine Father and a Divine Mother. We are all here for "a" purpose. A purpose to see that "we" are love, that "we" have unconditional love within. It is within. It is our birthright, with grace and joy, that "we" may be "the Ones" to bring this to the rest of our family and friends. That "they" too will "see" ~ that "they" are love.