The Knowing Within Montana Mini-Retreat

The "Magical" Papers of Being 
















Date: November 10, 2019

Time: 1:00 - 4:00 p.m.

Place: 244 Spokane Ave. Ste 7, Whitefish, MT


You are whole and complete exactly as you are, however, you may at times not be able to hear your Soul Self of Being. Your life can look and feel confused and chaotic. Your Knowing is Within.


Julia will share how to quiet the busy human mind. She will introduce you to The "Magical" Papers of Being…and how to listen to your Divine Soul Self.


Yes! The wholeness of you is within and you are Complete but “shucks”, sometimes that Busy human mind ~ will take us for a ride. 

Explore Archetypes, dive into the 4 Frequencies of Being, and experience the Magical Papers. You will walk away with a Magical Papers Kit and 10 Questions to Ask Your Soul Self.


Join us! Julia is holding space for 5 people. 








Terms and Conditions

Upon registration, payment will be followed with an email confirmation with additional information.  Sorry, no refunds. Payment must be paid in advance prior to attending mini-retreat. Please don't hesitate to Contact Us, should you have any questions. You may also download the event flyer.


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