The Energy

The Energy Have you ever seen a Honu (sea turtle)

ride a wave? Living in Hawaii and watching those beautiful Honu's and there grace of Being, has brought me much joy and love within Self.

The lessons of Being and "riding" my own wave of this life time. The Energy of riding ones own wave.

This week as you "ride" your own wave of Being...remember you do have a choice. You can go against the "wave" or you can go with the wave of your own energy of Love and Wisdom within that you were born with. Your life force of Love. Be still. Listen and ride your own wave of Energy and most of All Breathe! ( repeat 3 times) The Energy The Energy rides the wave of Me The Energy knows who I am The Energy of Love is Life The Energy is Love The Energy is Me Amen! Today See the Energy you are and know Your Thoughts are The Energy~ Of You

Amen With the Love of The Energy of this life form~ Blessings of Joyfulness