Mirror Mirror on the Wall...Who's the Fairest of them All?

Mirror mirror on the wall...who's the fairest of them all?

Here's a link to an NPR story about how we see ourselves - when we look into the mirror.

Below is a poem/story by Caroline Wong, about how she sees herself - enjoy!

Looking into the Mirror

Looking into the mirror

Are you Snow White

Or the queen of beauty

The longing for beauty and love

Turns into the lust for perfection

Looking into the mirror

Who do I see

Do I dare to look at myself in the eyes

What do I see in my eyes

Do I like the way I look like

Do I recognize who I am

Am I looking at myself

Or another face that I don’t know

Who are you

Looking into the mirror

Why I need to know how I look like

Would I know myself without the mirror

Am I trapped by what I see

Am I good looking enough

Am I good enough

Am I getting old

Can I see whether I am getting wise

Looking into the mirror

Can I see my soul

If I look long enough

Would my soul burst out from the mirror

Shatter all the looks I had in the past

The shy, timid, unhappy, uncertain, wary, old looks

Would my soul burst into the air like a fish splashing in the ocean

Just be as happy as it is

Would the splash shatter all the mirrors in the world

Free all the souls as IT IS

Julia and Caroline looking into the mirror of Hermana's