Air and Breathe

As my Alma Hermana, Tamar and I traveled through Glacier National Park on a beautiful summers day - and as we Saw the wonders of those majestic mountains, valleys and streams. All the Glory of the life forms.

I wondered...what do you want from Us? What are you sharing with us in all of the Being of You?

And I heard...The Air you breathe is my Air... the Breath you Breathe is your air. Now without the Air of Love and health, we have nothing.

And fear rolls through me.

The Air and breath shares its mighty wisdom; fear is not the answer. (That) the true love of the Air and Breathe... that we Be is all that Matters, within and all the Glory, that is before the Us of the All. We must See who we are in all our Being and Be still in that knowing. And Breathe The Truth.


Air and Breathe

The Air and Breathe

The Air and Breathe is Life

The Air and Breathe is Me

The Air and Breathe is Within

The Air and Breathe is without

The Air and Breathe is my Song

The Air and Breathe is my Gift


Today See the Air and Breathe in the Love- Your Love-

My Love- Our Love-Amen!!

~Blessing to the Air we Breathe with each inhale and each exhale~

~By Julia Carmen~

Photos by Tamar

Tamar smiling and Julia protesting a selfie