"Baby" It's You!

"Baby" it's you! Umm aren't we (not) The Babies of our lives? Today We ~ See the baby of you today~ Are you wearing a blue or pink blanket ? Or is it a blanket of Old? A baby Sees things in the newness of time and space. All is new to "baby". (Saying to "baby" self today) I Am in the Newness I Am in the Life of Me I Am in the "goo goo, ga ga (baby talk) I Am in the Flavor and Taste of New Me I Am in the Shyness of The Baby I Am Baby I Am in all My Fullness today Amen Today ~ See You ~ Be you ~ engulfing yourselves in the Blanket of your choice What's it going to be? Pink or Blue? Or an old Blanket of the past? Yes ~ Baby it's you! In all the Glory of the Baby of you Today ~ in the Gratitude of this moment ~ Now ~ and the Forever Moments of the Baby ~ Now! Loving Thankfulness Julia Carmen www.theschoolwithoutwalls.net

An Oldie but Goodie, Remember, "Baby" It's You!