Earth Water

    What a beautiful Earth Water

    3/4 of this earth is made up of water

    just - like - Us

    When we are born

    We are almost 90% water

    In the womb, we float in beautiful liquid We feed from a mother womb

    We are one with another human

    We hear her sound

    Her vibration

    We breathe with her

    She breathes with us

    We are born in the womb and the water comes, gushing out, and then we breathe out - our first breath

    We are on this Earth Water

    And the continuation of the "womb" that holds us

    With its water around us

    Holding us

    Loving us

    Feeding us

    Quenching our thirst

    Of this life form we Be

    Today hold this Earth Water of Being

    In all sacred being of life


    Be in the knowing that we are One with this amazing Earth Water

    Earth Water

    Thank you for holding me

    Thank you for loving me

    Thank you for giving me life


    With all the Joy of this life time

    Today and always

    Loving and The Knowing Within,

    Julia Carmen

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