Julia Carmen was born with a gift of a Curandera de Alma (Seer of the Soul). Her gift of being able to see a person's true soul self has guided clients to quiet themselves to hear their own true divine soul self.


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Knowing Within Aha Kane (Men's) Hawaii Retreat 

Dates: TBA

on the Island of Hawaii in Hilo


No worries?!


We say and hear those words...No Worries! It's all good! 


What does it really mean to have No Worries?


These words reminded me of that song. 


"Don't worry Be happy!"


How do you know your Happy? When will you know your Happy? 


Do you know what true Happiness (is)? 


Join us on the Island of Hawaii for the Knowing Within Aha Kane (Men's) Hawaii Retreat. 


We are looking for a few good (6) Kane's to explore this "thing" we call Happiness!


First things' first. 


Is, to remember:


Your are whole and complete exactly as you are, however, you may at times not be able to hear your Alma (Soul) Self of Being.


Your life can look and feel confused and chaotic. Your Knowing is Within. Your Happiness of Being is Within. 




The wholeness of you is within and you are Complete but “shucks”, sometimes that Busy human mind ~ will take us for a ride.


Julia will introduce you to the Three Levels of Being of the Knowing Within.


She will introduce you to The "Magical" Papers of Being…and how to listen to your Divine Soul Self.




Accommodations included in retreat are: 


  • Room in beautiful retreat ohana for 5 days

  • Meet & greet & dinner upon arrival Thursday evening 

  • Breakfast & Lunch & Dinner Friday – Sunday

  • Breakfast - Monday 

  • Tide Pool, Sacred Site Outings, and Spear Fishing and other adventures


Airfare and rental car are not included. Retreat located near Hilo International Airport. Hawaiian and Alaska airlines have the best possible rates to the Big Island.


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Step Onto a Black Sand Beach

Swim in the Remarkable Kapoho Tide Pools  

Spear Fishing in the Open Ocean

Stay in a Relaxing Retreat Ohana

Lanai overlooking Tropical Paradise