Who We Are

The School Without Walls is a school for Seers to awaken to their soul self of the ALL. The School Without Walls provides a space for Seers to release the busy mind of the Self and to hear their soul of heart so they can be in their fullness of themselves.


The School Without Walls focuses on the individuality and uniqueness of the One Self. The School Without Walls is a place that nurtures Soul Self and reminds of the Soul Self. The School Without Walls is open to all.

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What We Offer

The School Without Walls offers several workshops, trainings, and retreats for those seeking truth and reverence in who they are. The School Without Walls also offers individual guidance through the Curandera de las Curandera's (Seer of Seers), which is the vessel for individuals into their Soul Self.


Please check back for upcoming retreats and workshops. Retreats and workshops are located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Montana, French Polynesia, and the Hawaiian Islands.

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