I am a woman of Mexican descent, of Indigenous Ancestry. My grandparents came from the state of Zacatecas, Mexico.

I am a mother of 5 grown children and a grandmother of 27 and a great grandmother of 10. In this time of my life, my grandchildren are my Loving salve of my life as they bring into my life much meaning and this is why I do my work and word. 

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I come from a long line of Curanderas

-The Seer of the Alma- walking in both worlds of the physical and non-physical, being in the knowing of them both from birth, walking them both in all eternally, and at times in struggle in the human realm of being.

That is how The School Without Walls came to Be. As we all walk this earth life, we human and alma beings walk both worlds whether we are conscious or not of that fact. So.. why not awaken to All of it - both worlds. As these both worlds do not have boundaries… hence.. the creation of The School Without Walls.

We (myself and my peeps) have co-created a place for Us to See ourselves - a journey together for Us all to truly See both worlds of Being, knowing that the Knowing Within is truly within. A teacher, A Curandera, guiding us back to self - our Alma Self.

I remember a time in my 20’s (or maybe it was in my 30’s ) A Chinese proverb came to me : Student Student once, Teacher Student twice. In that moment, I knew we would BE in it together, teaching each other. Si, in the guidance of the All. Together with my peeps, we’ look for the most Quiet Tierras of Being.


SWOW has traveled to many places of Being to find that Stillness and Sacred Space.

Meet Juliana, Julia's apprentice and assistant

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I have known that I am Seer all my life.

I didn’t do much about it. However, I would sometimes see things that I didn’t want to see. Not bad things, just things attached to people about their lives.

I used it as intuition.

But really, I didn’t know what to do with it. Seeing dead people? Hearing voices? Seeing stuff attached to people? What am I supposed to do with this gift that everyone says I have? What sets me apart from all the other Seers? I was tormented by this lack of direction.

So a number of years ago, I asked “my people,” that’s what I call them, I said: “What the “F” am I supposed to be doing?”
And then it happened.

A week later I had a vision and it made me afraid. I didn’t know what it meant, but I knew something was going to change. And I was scared because I sensed the strong energies of “these people” in my room before I even entered this dream/vision.

I asked my friend - what do I do with this? “Sit down with these people,” she told me. “Let them channel through you.” I did this but kept their message to myself.

A number of years ago, my people told me to share my dream/vision with a group of women. I did so and every woman in the room started crying. It was then that I realized this information must go beyond that one group of women and out to all women, and through them, to all men.

And so, the following is not a story, but an event, an event that happened to me that is meant for you to know. And the name of this dream/vision as channeled is: “The Light Beings.” I know this comes from the “Source” of the universe, “my people.” My Source calls me, “the sweet one.” My people call me “the sweet one.” (I beg to differ!)

The Indigenous Soul
The Light Beings - Vision Dream

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