What is The Indigenous Soul?

What does it mean to have an indigenous soul?

An indigenous soul is what keeps us alive and connects us to the All. The
All of this planet and this solar system. The All is how we connect with All
the people, all with an indigenous soul.

By having an indigenous soul, you are from this planet, from this solar
system/galaxy, and are part of the movement it has.

Each solar system/galaxy has a movement and a purpose.

What does it mean to walk in both worlds?

To walk in both worlds is to walk in the physical and the non-physical. The
physical world is what we live in daily, what we can hear, taste, smell, feel,
and see.

Although, the same may appear in the non-physical and look like the
physical. Some folks may be tapped into the non-physical more than
others and the same goes with the physical. People may choose if they
want to walk in one world more than another. It’s when we know we have a
choice, then we can decide how we want to be present.

What are those worlds?

The physical is the realm we see on our planet, our Mother Earth. The life
we experience in the human realm. The people we love such as friends
and family. The people we interact with in our day-to-day routine, at work,
on a walk, or at the store.

The non-physical is where your ‘Peeps’ are, a generalized term for
ancestors, guides, angels, assistance, guardians, supporters, teachers,
tumus, etc. They connect to us whether we can see them or not. They are
helping us through this Human life we are living.

Where are they?

The meeting of the two worlds exists, and that’s when and where the
non-physical and physical meet. We are walking them all the time whether
we are aware of it or not. We are currently learning how to walk both
worlds every day, but not all of us are fully conscious of them.

How do I access them?

The two worlds can be accessed by being ‘Awake’ of each world. One
must be present as a Human to be in the physical and be present as a
Seer to be in the non-physical.

Not all choose to be present in the non-physical. And some may find it
challenging to be present in the physical. It is a process for some, if not
most human beings who walk this Earth.

Why? Would I want to know them? These worlds?

It is important to know both worlds to understand how to walk each of
them. To feel balanced and supported by yourself, and your ‘Peeps’

It is about opening yourself up and getting to know yourself better as a
Human being on this Earth.

What do they have to do with the indigenous soul?

The indigenous soul is important to connecting with both worlds. One
cannot connect to the physical or the non-physical without tapping into
their indigenous soul.
Those who do not may appear ‘Asleep’.
This is about waking up your Indigenous Soul. Learning to play with the
Indigenous Soul and learning the Soul/Alma is a part of us. It is how we
appear on Earth.
How we connect to our physical and non-physical ‘peeps’.

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