"I worked with Julia over a period of 8 years or so.  I still remember her telling me from the very beginning..."I want you to be at a place where you won't be needing me all the time."  There, I thought, yeah, right, I will always need you.  I reached out to her every time I felt I needed guidance in life.  She worked with me patiently, and I steadily gained confidence in myself.  Finally, I started to trust my inner, authentic self...to the point, now, I don't necessarily need to talk to her every time I feel lost.  Julia has helped me re-activate my inner compass, and I highly recommend her to anyone who genuinely want to be in charge of their lives.  It takes work on both parts, but it's definitely worth it!


Seoul, Korea : I was there on a business trip, and I was walking along a busy street trying to find a good restaurant.  What caught my eye was a long line of people in front of a tarot card reading place, waiting for the store to open.  I could say there were at least 30-40 people lined up, and they were all very young, probably in their 20s.  They all seemed so eager to know what laid in front of them even though I didn't think Tarot card would be too helpful.  I wish Julia could help them in some way!!!"


~ Allison Baek - http://allisonbaek.com/mannatech-products/


"Julia was recommended to me for an Alma Reading and I have remained in close contact since then. I participated in the Master Soul Class. She has helped me with her intuitive guidance and supported me in my own inner knowing. This partnership has been wonderful and is helping me grow into my best self.


~Susan (Alma Reading and Master Soul Class)

"This is strong.  We are assembled beauty, water beings hugging a huge drop of water, self attracting, absorbing into tenderness.  Holding the tones of this transmission, within the gift of resource and blessing is the greeting heart, the inviters who recognize the harmony of possibilities and recognition.  Here is Julia Carmen, here are her people".


"Physical inclusion, mending, speaking care and responsibility, the reality of color and texture, breathe at the heart of the natural world. The opportunity to contribute, the miracle of light come to the fragrant, delicious, with the intelligence of rhythm and the rumblings of laughter is what we carry in movements of these healings".


~Linda H. (Healing Heart Series)




"My son absolutely loves this program. He is finding out how his intuitions and brain works plus learning to trust his inner path and feelings. This course has helped him listen to himself, learn to be quiet and start to learn patience with himself and other people. As he gets older, the knowledge and power he has will mature into a very strong, sure man who will be at peace with himself and be able to teach that inner peace to others."


~K.C. (Seeables's Program)




“The safe space that Julia creates in her soul readings gave me the courage to explore and connect with self in new and wonderful ways.  What came up in the soul reading was perfectly in line with my personal growth process, which provided for a truly magical experience.  I left with a deeper acceptance, and love for myself and others, changing me in valuable ways that I had not even anticipated. Thanks to Julia for making herself available in the way that she does, which is a wonderful gift that I hope others will choose to experience.”  


~J.W. (Curandera de las Curandera Program)




“Julia is a fantastic help in getting to know your SELF. She helped me a great deal in our sessions. Then I attended her workshop, “Getting Naked with Yourself.” That helped me become much more comfortable with who I am. I used to have as many questions as answers. Even at this ripe old age of 80 I had questions but now, I’m satisfied and happy to know who I am and to be myself with no more questioning of my own insights and resources.


Julia provides deep insight for self discovery. She is a valuable resource for me and I would recommend anyone who needs answers for their journey to seek her advice.”
~JoAnne Barnes


“I have found the Curandera de las Curandera's to be a life changing experience, literally. Learning to utilize and share with others the principles taught there will have such a positive effect on the lives of the participants that the teachings will spread through your organization and/or your community like the ripple effect of a pebble tossed into a pond. I strongly urge anyone who would like to improve their quality of life, or the live of others, to participate in this training.”


~Anthony W. Ballard, C.A.S.
Substance Abuse Counselor
Karuk Tribe of California

"The Curandera de las Curandera's was a wide awakening experience for me. The training was the right place for me. It helped me move in the direction I needed to go and answered so many questions that I had. Ms. Carmen provided the space for me that was safe and inviting so I can learn from myself. The training really helped me understand more of myself and gave me the support that I needed."



"I felt like I got a massage for my soul after my first session with Julia. I had never felt so calm, relaxed and trusting in life as I had after the session. Julia knows how to work magic!!!"


~JHF, Daly City, CA (Soul Reading)

"Anxiety and self doubt can take over me when taking tests. In this case it was the written MFT board exam. I had heared about Julia Carmen's work from friends and her Web page, and allowed myself to follow my intuition and reached out for her assistance. This was a blessing for me. Julia Carmen's approach made me feel safe, relax and confident. And most important, I pass the written board examination!"


~Xochilt de Martinez, MSN, MFTI (Soul Reading)


"I was looking for self-assurance and meaning in life when I signed up for the Curandera De Las Curanderas course. I was feeling lost in life. I didn’t know what to expect out of this course, but I figured anything I learn might help me figure a way out of the insecurity I was feeling about myself, dissatisfaction in my relationship and put an end to the dependency on others to make me happy. I wanted to learn to be “self-sufficient” on my own happiness, but I didn’t know how. This course did way more than helping me see my own solutions to the aforementioned issues. Julia guided and taught me to hear and trust my inner voice, my intuition. She taught me to see the gifts that I already possess and utilize those gifts to manifest miracles in my own life. Here are a few miracles that I experienced so far within six months through the course:


  • I learned to trust my inner voice and stop doubting myself. This put an end to seeking others for approval and helped me immensely with my confidence level.
  • Through the group’s manifestation techniques: I closed on a real estate investment purchase at an amazingly reasonable price. All the people that I needed showed up at the perfect time to help me with the renovation of the property and charged me very reasonable prices. The property was rented to the prefect tenants before the renovation was finished, which was within one and a half month of purchase.
  • I heard my own life purpose whispered to me (when no one was around).
  • My days are more peaceful at work and at home. All the extreme people drama fell away.
  • I have more tolerance and love for my own imperfections and for my soul-mate.
  • I no longer fear death (I am scare of pain, but not of death).
  • I learned to enjoy quiet moments of life and no longer fear loneliness.  
  • I missed the train that would have gotten me to work on time one morning, but found out that it happened because the Universe had a gift for me, a loose diamond gemstone on the fofloor that I would have never seen if I got on the earlier train! Oh miracles of miracles (this has nothing do with religion by the way)!!! 
This course is the most valuable (and fun) investment I have made on myself. What I learned from Julia is a priceless gift that I can continue to utilize throughout my life. She’s not a magician, but she taught me how to see and manifest my own miracles. Now, that’s truly priceless! I am so grateful for her and her loving and supportive teachings."