Master Alma Class - Curandera de las Curanderas

Self Discovery  -  Soul Care  -  Peace & Joy

Curious about how the MAC sessions could transform your life?

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When you enroll in a MAC session, you join Julia in monthly explorations of the most crucial and central themes of life and self.

The MAC session is a six-month membership and includes monthly small-group guided sessions as well as monthly 1:1 sessions with Julia. 

MAC sessions are ongoing and often students continue in the membership for 12 months or more; an initial six month commitment will enable you to start to see the benefits of your work and energy devoted to your self growth.

Master Alma Class (MAC) Sessions

Limited Enrollment Includes

  • Intimate Small Groups (max of 3)

  • Monthly Guided Sessions (video or in person in Bay Area)

  • Monthly solo sessions with Julia (video or in person in Bay Area)
  • Access to all of the Dragonfly Messenger recordings & receipt of the Dragonfly Card Deck

  • Welcome Gift Package

  • A Private¬†Online Community

  • A Private Group Text Channel

  • Early Access to Retreat and Event Registration

  • Discounts and Special Promotions

The Seer of Seers is


  • To listen to your inner spirit through the four levels of listening.

  • To discover your purpose through your own understanding of self.

  • To uncover your sacred gifts through levels of higher awareness.

  • To discover from the inside out not from the outside in.

  • To look behind every question and to ask questions from a state of being.

  • To engage in courageous conversation from spirit soul.

  • To focus on your strengths and embracing them.


Curious? Learn more and enjoy Julia's free gift to you: a story of finding your true community. 

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"I spent years attending MAC class every month and it was well worth it. MAC class helped me keep my sanity during some very difficult years because in this class you get to experience your life from your Soul Self of Being instead of only being mired in the human experience. Julia's patient reminder that we are more than our human thoughts and feelings gave me the ability to really see myself (and my loved ones) and develop unconditional love of self - which isn't always so easy.

I am forever grateful for Julia's steady presence that gave me permission to finally just Be and Do me! Julia's insights into my dilemmas were always spot on. The other participants were also very supportive and we developed deep friendships cheering each other on to accomplish goals that are in line with our Soul's purpose. Like the Red Bull commercial - MAC class gives you wings!" ~Amy S.

Julia's experience and guidance may be useful to those facing challenges in the realm of mental health. She is not a physician, nor should her guidance be taken in contrast to or instead of professional medical advice. However, for those seeking soul guidance, Julia may be able to help quiet anxiety and create a better understanding of the context of certain struggles and help to support mental wellness.