In invitation to enter into discussion with Julia about your journey. Note: This is not an Alma Reading, it is an opening discussion.
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Curandera de las Curandera's 


The Seer of Seers is


  • To listen to your inner spirit through the four levels of listening.

  • To discover your purpose through your own understanding of self.

  • To uncover your sacred gifts through levels of higher awareness.

  • To discover from the inside out not from the outside in.

  • To look behind every question and to ask questions from a state of being.

  • To engage in courageous conversation from spirit soul.

  • To focus on your strengths and embracing them.


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"I was looking for self-assurance and meaning in life when I signed up for the Curandera De Las Curanderas course. I was feeling lost in life. I didn’t know what to expect out of this course, but I figured anything I learn might help me figure a way out of the insecurity I was feeling about myself, dissatisfaction in my relationship and put an end to the dependency on others to make me happy. I wanted to learn to be “self-sufficient” on my own happiness, but I didn’t know how. This course did way more than helping me see my own solutions to the aforementioned issues. Julia guided and taught me to hear and trust my inner voice, my intuition. She taught me to see the gifts that I already possess and utilize those gifts to manifest miracles in my own life......Click HERE to read full testimonial


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