Alma Readings

Explore Your Divine Soul

dragonfly landing on a stem in a garden.
By Julia Carmen
What's an Alma Reading?

"Julia provides deep insight for self discovery. She is a valuable resource for me and I would recommend anyone who needs answers for their journey to seek her advice.”

Julia invites you to explore your divine soul. Alma readings guide you to the Knowing of You, live life from the power of your true self, to move through life as you were meant to, and to know your birthright of all being - a light being.

Do you want to hear more from your soul self? What would it be like if you met your days with a feeling of ease and clarity? If in your relationships, your interactions with family, friends, and co-workers were all sweetened by a sense of ease? Could you imagine meeting life’s challenges with a relaxed and clear mind? How much more would you see and live?

Hand in hand with Julia, you will allow yourself a sense of ease to enter your life. With this sense of ease and a new way of listening to your soul self, you will engage life with humor, spontaneity, joyfulness, peace, and harmony with true self. You will see your own soul genius and find creative solutions to your life’s challenges. 

Inquire about an Alma Reading 

Julia offers a limited number of Alma Readings each month. Please submit the inquiry form if you would like to schedule your Alma Reading. Our team will be in touch soon. 

All sessions can be done over the phone, or in video as a teleconference and can be recorded.