"The Light Beings"

By Julia Carmen


“Enter into My house, My house that will show you, your calling,

your life mission.”

And I see - There is this door but yet no door.

I am drawn to it by a force within in me and all around me.  It is of Love,

of unconditional Love

for myself, so complete that I think I have moved into my next life

of Being.

But I know I am dreaming and having a vision at the same time. I walk

into a spacious room that has no end and no beginning, yet at the same

time it feels contained, safe.

There are people inside.  There is a LARGE energy of women.  There is

some male energy but mostly - it is the energy of women.  There is a sense

that these Beings are of the same energy, like they come from the same

tribe, the same house, the same family.   They are in a circle that goes on

forever: a circular energy that contains them within. They seem to know

me and I seem to know them.  There is an acknowledgment of knowing

each other, but there are no words. We SEE each other. They are busy. I

am watching. There is a part of them with no beginning or end, and I SEE

that they all have long beams of light in their hands.   I wonder, why I am

here? Yet there is a sense; I am in the right place. The beams of light are

endless and have no beginning.

They move their lights with ease and I smile with them.  There is a joy in

the fact that we know what we have gone through and need not have to go through it again - like childbirth or the death of a loved one. We just know.  

There are others who seem to have their light beams moving in straight

lines and others where their light beams are just still. Then there are

others, who don’t know how to move this power they have, that we all

have.  They hurt themselves and maybe others with their beams of light.

I walk behind these beings with the straight beams of light and I whisper

to their hearts, how to loosen, how to relax their straight beams of light.   I

just know how to do this and find that to my amusement, it is easy and

joyful. I then go behind ‘the others,’ one by one, and do the same for each

one.  There is much laughter, joy and true Love, and we are all released of

Fear. There are some that do not SEE me right away and they are afraid.

But once they see that I am to be trusted, they allow me to do my service.  

 It is a continuum. It is my mission. It is my calling.

I have asked myself, how I KNOW for whom and how I KNOW how to

move energy so strong.   My own fears begin to surface and get in the way.

I think, I must be going crazy. I think, am I more than others?  Then I fall

into, ‘’ I am not enough.‘ And then I do not do my calling. I am lost.


These Light Beings are strong, so strong that at times I become fearful and wonder,  am I the one to serve? Then I do not serve.


I hear: “With the Light of God you will not be hurt.  You will complete your mission, which is never ending, which has no beginning.  Walk in your

Power of Healing. Teach the Knowing of who ‘they’ are. Invite them into themselves in ways they may not recognize but do recognize at the same

time.  They Know you. You Know them. NO ONE IS MORE THAN


Know this, my sister/daughter, my sweet one, you are one of the chosen.  Remember many are called but few are chosen. What that means is we

are all called and we are all chosen and we all have the FREE WILL to

choose. Before this earth life ‘You’ chose to step up to the plate to teach

others to be, teachers within teachers and students within students.  This

is your mission. This is your mission and your calling, my sweet one.

Accept it without fear. Be a vessel to others who may need to wake up to

their own selves of Love. You are of the light of unconditional Love, true

Love of light. ‘You’ are a safe harbor of light and Love. Be this to yourself

first!  Protect your self always! Keep yourself safe first! LOVE yourself

first! BE yourself first! Nurture yourself first! BE in joy with yourself first!

Be happy with yourself first! JUST BE!


Rejoice my sweet one, my Love of my heart. We are ONE, not separate; I

speak to you and only you right now.  You know the truth in your heart

about us ALL and right now I am speaking to you, from your soul and

spirit from Our Soul and Spirit, from the worlds/universal Soul and Spirit.

 This is the truth the ALL ONE truth! Know this my sweet one, and be in

Love with your essence and open this to all that you Love! Show them

what Love is, on all levels. Showing this Love comes in many ways.  She

(Love) shows us how beautiful we are even when the fear is rising. The

key is

to Love all that comes our way, not to hide it from ourselves, but to

embrace it and then let it go.   Because letting go means it no longer IS. It

is no longer a part of who we are and it is just a memory, like an old movie

that might have frightened us but after we left the theater we just shook it

off.  It is no longer part of our thinking, and thus it is no longer part of our

lives. We have the power to create anything we choose. And the Love that

is our birthright is always here in us, around us, it has no beginning no

end, it is endless.  IT IS OUR BIRTHRIGHT! No one can take it away! No

one! Not even you! Because when we move into our next light of being

mission, we SEE and as long as we can SEE - then we know that, that true

light being of us is just that, it just IS. So BE who you are and remind

yourself each day, each moment, and know if fear comes up that it is only

trying to keep you from your mission/calling.  Know this and DO NOT give

it any attention! Just shoo it away as you would a fly! Because that is all it

is: a pesky fly, or an ugly roach, or for that matter a rat, looking for some

scraps to rummage through for food. You are not the food! You have

better things to do then feed those energies! Remember You’re Power!

You can draw anything into Your life. Love is what you want and Love is

what you will get. Know this with all your heart and you will SEE more and

more each day!  WE Love you, my sweetheart. WE know Your heart and

Your desire, wants, needs, and all, even before You even think of it. So my

Love, put the Love you have for yourself first and then you will always be

seen by those who are to see you. WE know that is your desire. You want

to Love people and help them but you must do that for yourself first.

Remember this,

first is You.

When You put You first then you put ME first.  WE are ONE.  And with this knowing, You will be in total happiness.   This is not an illusion. This is

the truth from the great I AM.




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