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Mar 10, 2022

This weeks blog is by Jie Feng. Thank you Jie for sharing your wisdom with us all!

"My consciousness of God as my supply is my supply." By John Randolph Price

This is a reminder about our true Source. Where do your goods come from?

We obviously know that it is Creator. 

However, do we really believe this?

We are so used to thinking that our Job is our source of income. Our raises are in the hands of our "bosses”.

Remember that our jobs and supervisors at work are all just agents/messengers of Creator.

They are not our Source.

Remember your true Source and work your manifestation powers with gratitude to all that Creator has provided us thus far.

The quote states that it is our consciousness of God as our supply that is really our supply, meaning your thoughts and awareness are your

manifestation make them positive and make them count today!

Until next time.