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How Deep Do You Roll?

Mar 10, 2022

I was watching Rachael Ray this morning and Lin-Manuel Miranda the producer of Hamilton a Broadway play was a guest on her show and as well as his mother and father and family. And as he was talking story with Rachael Ray, he said, "We roll deep", in regards to family. if you don't know what that means, it means that he has a large family.

Totally relate to that!

Then...that phrase, "We roll deep", turned into, How Deep do you Roll? And then, Do you Roll Deep?
What would it mean to "Roll Deep"? Just like the Honu in the picture. Knowing that the odds maybe against you?

Let' talk story about how Aligning with the Source of All makes it all so much more easier in this life to Roll Deep.  

Here are 10 steps that will guide you "into" the Rolling Deep just like a Honu or make up your own 10 steps:


1. Take a walk in nature or go outside

2. Kiss a "baby" (look in the mirror)

3. Sing a song ~ sing it loud

4. Hugs, give one or ask for one 

5. Dance to your favorite song

6. Laugh out loud or tell someone your fav joke

7. Take a nap, yes rest is a sure way to align

8. Have someone rub your feet or rub your own feet with Love

9. Enjoy your favorite meal

10. Do your favorite activity, whatever that is

As a good friend of mine, Aunty Mary, said, "if all else fails come to Hawaii" and she was right on! 

Ok so your not able to jump on a plane right now and head out to Hawaii

Here's some Words (words are very powerful) on aligning with the Source.

Alignment with the Source

Say this to Self and Within

My True Source of Energy begins with My Peace of Mind

My True Source of Energy begins with My Peace of Heart

My True Source of Energy begins with My Peace of Soul Self


Repeat during the day

In the Stillness of you ~ knowing each and everyday ~ that with the alignment of The Source and your focus of Gratitude for the all that is and the All ~ that One can not See~ all is Now ~ in the alignment of the Source of all. 

Take time for the Beautiful Self of Love. You See the importance of You ~ you will See the Source of All in all that you do. And the Alignment will be complete. 

Join us and the Honu's in Hawaii for The Knowing Within Retreat this Fall! Details to come soon.

Align with Your Deep Soul/Self and Go Deep!

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