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Kingdom of Heaven

Mar 10, 2022

Peace and the life

What is Peace to you?

What does it mean to have Peace of mind?

Where is Peace?

Yes, the Peace we seek is within.

Do we really believe it...truly?

From the beginning of time we have been told that "the kingdom of heaven is within"

Wow! To have a kingdom and heaven within. No kidding !

Today See the "Kingdom" and the "Heaven" within.

And then take it a bit further. See it within all those you interact with and know that we are each other's brothers and sisters.

Peace and this Life, is what "is" right now and today.

Be in all the Glory of this day ~ today is your day to do with whatever, "You" think ~ in all Thought of Being


Continue on your blessings of time and space~ all that You Be~ is Peace and the Life~ 




Julia Carmen