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My Direction

Mar 10, 2022

As the New Year begins and the excitement of the New You has dissipated somewhat.  

Let's face it , it's back to work and all the "Magic" of the Holidays are behind us, now we ask ourselves...

Now What?

Which direction ?

Ok, so your going to lose weight and get organized and find that Mate and exercise more or just get started.

Oh goodness ! Which direction shall you take ?
Which program? Which Coach? And on and on.

Take some time today and sit ~ image sitting by or on this rock wall.

Allow yourself to Be  

Take some long deep breathes ~how about 3 long ones.

Now See - Your Direction!

Blessings to your New Direction  


There's something that no one can tell you and that is to go in a DIRECTION

because there's different ones like the sad, happy, angry, frustrated, and so much more

do you know what DIRECTION I SHOULD GO?

but that is a question you have TO ANSWER ON YOUR OWN

because you don't know what comes next

there's that feeling in you

you can't get out

which is your DIRECTION



By Malia G. age 9