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Our Honor Song Within

Mar 10, 2022

Our Honor Song Within, Our Human Being

The softness of Us ~ is the Glory in all that we do ~ The energies that are Us ~ need to Be attended Now.

As we move through all that is now. We must understand to take hold of the Us within.

Knowing Self and Honoring Self in All that we do without the judgement of the Old thoughts of Being.

The Ascension ~ The Doors ~ we walk through ~ are just that

Our own Honor Song, our own Progression of this time and space. Hermanas and Hermanos, we as Bothers and Sisters of the Light of our own Song within have been giving the Power of Self Healing ~ of The Power of The Love Healing.

Be Still in the Knowing of Your Song Within

What does your Song sound like? Does it sing your song? Or are you trying to sing someone else's song? Is someone trying to sing your song ?

 Either way, no one can "steal" your song and you can not "steal" their song. Be in the knowing of this and you will See how soft or how loud you need to sing your own song to this world we Be in Now.
It's a new world and we need to embrace ~ Our own Song, with All the Love of our many selves. And the Creator of the all ~ the Source of all that we Be.


Today, Listen to the Song within the Light of Self. It's your original Song as the whales sing their song. So - shall - We.

With the Love of my Song to you and your Song to Us all ~ May we make beautiful music together!

Julia Carmen