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The Mother Within

The Mother Within

Mar 10, 2022

Have you ever heard a baby cry for its mother?

As mothers when we hear our babies cry we know, from their cries, what their needs are. Their hunger, their dryness, their wetness, their desires, their wanting, their everything.

Whether you have a baby, birth a baby, a business, raised a sibling - all in all it is - birthing a baby.

Now, in this human form of life as adults that we Be...

Do we "not" see, that we too have a mother within?

Do we know her cry? Do we know her cries?!

Do we know what she wants at any given moment?

Can you hear her? And if so - how soon do you respond to her?

Do you wait until - the other 'external' cries are taken care of, before yours?

The cries of the mother within - are the cries of all the mothers of our lives. Our mothers - our aunties - our grandmothers - all the mothers of the past and future. Our ancestors. Our future Beings.

The Gift we can give to the mother within - is to get to know Her.

Hear her cry

of all

hear her cry of joy

that she is being heard.

Now Yes, we are all just looking for that chi-chi time.

If you find yourselves - in lack - then it's time to give yourselves - the chi-chi time that is rightfully yours - there's no need to "fight" for that time.

It's yours already - it always has been

-Right inside you-

No one has your happiness - joy - love

It's you Babe! It's you!


Blessings to The Mother Within,

Julia Carmen
Last picture taken with my Mama-Aug 2019 before her re-birthing-on Oct 13, 2019-

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