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The Secret of Love

The Secret of Love

Mar 09, 2022

Hello Beautiful Beings 

Sending this your way as a reminder to us all. 

Mavis (one of my human mentors) wrote this many years ago. We had it hanging at the nonprofit that I ran for 20 years. During these times we may have forgotten the love we have within.  And knowing that we are more then our thoughts and that the power of thought is only showing us where we are.  Let us all continue to stay healthy and safe.  As places around the country open up.  Remembering that our innate wisdom-our Alma of love will always be our guide of truth.   Love and Being  Julia 

The Secret -By Mavis Karn 

Dear Kids (and former kids), I have a secret to tell you, Nobody meant to keep it from you…It’s just that it’s been one of those things that’s so obvious that people couldn’t see it…like looking all over for the key that you have in your hand. The secret is that you are already a completely whole, perfect person. You are not damaged goods, you are not incomplete, you are not flawed, you are not unfinished, you do not need remodeling, fixing, polishing or major rehabilitation. You already have within you everything you need to live a wonderful life. You have common sense, wisdom, genius creativity, humor, self esteem…you are pure potential…you are missing nothing. The only thing that can keep you from enjoying all that you already are is a thought. One thought, your thought. Not someone else’s thought. Your thought . . . Whatever thought you are thinking at the moment that feels more important to think than feeling grateful, alive, content, joyful, optimistic, loving and at peace. . . that’s the only thing that’s between you and happiness. And guess who’s in charge of your thinking? Guess who gets to decide where your attention goes? Guess who gets to write, produce, direct and star in the moment you’re in the middle of? You! Just you. Not your past (stored thought), not the future (did you ever notice that it never, ever shows up?), not your parents (they all think their own thoughts), or your friends (ditto), or school or television or situations or circumstances or anything else. Just you. Thinking is an awesome capability. Like any capability it can be used whether as a tool or as a weapon against ourselves and others. And just like with any other tool, we can tell whether we’re using it for or against ourselves by how it feels. When we think against ourselves or others, we get in trouble. When we don’t, we usually stay out of trouble.  FEELINGS EXIST TO WARN US AWAY FROM USING OUR THINKING TO CREATE TROUBLE IN OUR LIVES AND TO GUIDE US BACK TO OUR NATURAL, HEALTHY ABILITY TO LIVE OUR LIVES TO THE FULLEST.  So, please remember that your thoughts are not always telling you the truth. When we’re in low moods, feeling down, our thoughts are not be be trusted…our IQ drops. When our thoughts pass and we lighten up, our thinking is once again creative, positive…our IQ goes up.  The only way you can feel badly about yourself and your life is if you think badly about them…it’s up to you, every single minute you’re alive. It’s always up to you! This is the best, most liberating secret I ever learned, and I want you to know it too. With love,  Mavis