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Your Open Heart

Mar 10, 2022

What does it mean to have an Open Heart?

When we love Self in a Healthy Loving way~ we understand that a Healthy Loving Heart is open to the Love we have within and we See, others Healthy Loving Heart. We are open to the All of humankind and yet know whom to allow in our sacred circle of Love. Remembering our gifts of Love to Self.

Hold true today to your Healthy Loving Heart ~ Amen

What do ladybugs have to do with opening ones heart?

As I was resting under this beautiful banyan tree in Hawaii (this was at The Queen Liliuokalani Park in Hilo)

I was drifting off to sleep... When I felt something crawling on me.

Needless to say I was over joyed to see it was a ladybug! (and not red ants, or worst yet a cockaroach!)

She stayed long enough to talk story about her journeys and her wishes for Me! What a blessings!

Well of course, once she flew away and continued her journey. I googled ladybugs. And below is what I got. 

So if love and good fortune is what your looking for and a ladybug drops by. And she shares with you its on its way.

Then...We "best" have an open heart to receiving all that is coming our way.

Loving the one your with! And if your the one your with, then Hermanas and Hermanos ~ an Open Heart~will always bring another Open Heart your way.

With a open heart to you all~blessing of joy and truth to us all~