Horace the Cow

Horace the Cow is on a Journey to find herself and The Tree that is truly hers.

Whether we are young or a full grown person.
This short story will assist you in the discovery or rediscovery of your own Tree of Life. Knowing who we are is a true Gift we give to ourselves and others that we love. All the Blessings of this Life to you and all those that you encounter.

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Have you ever seen a cow climb a tree?   

No cow would climb a tree unless it was the right tree. No cow would consider climbing just any tree?

Once upon a time, there was a black cow named Horace. She was named by a young boy who loved her and so she loved her name. But because her name was Horace, she feared that no bull would ever ask her out, though admittedly she had never let any bull get to know her.

The little boy, whose name was Nakoa, visited Horace every day on his way home from school. Often when Nakoa went to sleep - and when Horace went to sleep, the two met each other in the real time of dreams. This is the way it is with friends.....

Within us there is innate magic.

The little boy loved Horace who knew her and loved her would have told her that any bull would be proud to know her. But Horace had never really taken the time to look into herself.

Yes! Cows can climb trees, when it is their tree. Are you ready to climb your tree?

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Backstory of Horace the Cow

As I traveled the Island of Hawaii with my 5 year old grandson Nakoa, we played a game to see how many animals we would be able to see on our trip~ from Hilo to Kona~ 

If you ever have been on the Big Island of Hawaii ~ you would know that it will take you a good 2 to 3 hours to reach the other side (Saddle Road had not been completed yet).

So off we went playing our game of, lets see how many animals will we be able to see. 

As we drove out of Hilo and onto HWY 19 we saw the ocean to our right and the beautiful blue sky above us and amazing rainbows. We saw a hawk fly over head, blessing us on our journey. 

It was not until we reach Waimea (40 miles out)  that we saw the cows over to our left~ and I pointed to Nakoa, " look Nakoa there they are" there was a small heard of black and white cows grazing on the hill of green grass. I asked Nakoa "I wonder if they had names"  and he said, " yes, See that one over there...that black one, well her name is Horace.  I thought to myself, Horace is not a female name. But I let that thought go.

We continue and saw some goats and again I ask Nakoa the same question and he answers the same. Picking out a black goat  and calling her Horace. Then we saw horses  and again the same question with the same answer. 

This is the way it went as we saw chickens,  sheep, ducks, donkeys, turkeys.

As we arrived into Kona....I phoned Nakoa's parents and asked them if Horace was Nakoa's favorite name and they answered that they never heard him talk of any one named Horace.

So from this joureny from one side of the island to the other side. And my time with my grandson and our "talk story" of Horace and all the animals. Horace came to life. And she wanted her story of Nakoa and her love of him and his love of her to Be. 

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Here she reads the Horace's Story and interviews Sonya Denise Ware who is entrepreneur and President of Blue Beagle Consulting. 

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Shout outs to my editor Jean Bartlett who has found her tree of life and through her own innate magic, assisted in bringing Horace to life. Thanks Hermana! 

Thank you Jie for climbing your tree of life!