The Love "Diet" Program

Love the One you're with ~ And if that's You, then Why Not You?!

This Love "Diet" is all about You!

Question, are you tired of "dieting" and it's not working?

How many "diets" have you tried?

Are you ready to See what works?

Then join this Amazing Love Diet and get ready to (really) Love the one you're with, YOU!

The Love Diet Program is all about group interaction. The self-paced program brings you the guidance to open and Be with your Alma.  Julia will guide you to open and Be with your Alma and exploring body movements of Loving and releasing - through the 6 weeks.
You are invited to step into this journey alongside Julia and a small group of inspired friends.

As a member of this webinar, you'll not only enjoy the recordings to revisit as you need to, but you'll also be gifted a small of thoughtfully selected items, chosen by Julia to encourage you.

The webinar is limited to eight souls -- creating an intimate and trusting environment for you to explore The Love Diet.

Listen to Julia Carmen's April, '13 interview with Kim McMillion on Arts in the Valley, which talks more about the Love "Diet" Program:

We will be gleaming from Marianne Williamson book, A Course in Weight Loss~ 21 Spiritual Lessons for Surrendering Your Weight Forever~ as well as Julia's forthcoming book The Indigenous Soul.

Many weight loss programs are good programs, but they really don't address the Alma/Soul of it all. The Love Diet is different.

Six (6) Webinar Sessions...thoughts of love by Julia Carmen

Week 1  

The Awakening of the New You- Listening from you Alma Self - Mind/Body/Spirit/Heart - Talking Story between the Alma/Soul to the beautiful Human Self.

Week 2  

A Commitment to yourself Love, Trust, Respect, Connect, Balance, Value, Ask, Honest, Courage, First, Whole...are words I live by and Commit myself to them with my wholeness of my being and Love~ Amen and so it is   Love the one your with~ and if your the one your with....then why not?! You. This program is Just for you.  

Week 3

Alma/Soul Surgery – Releasing the Old body codes of the past- Inviting the New Life of Being to be present within- The Knowing Within.

Week 4  

The Wisdom of your Sacred Body Trusting the wisdom of my body is the Sacred within my Being~ Amen and so it is

Week 5

Building your own Altar  - I build an Altar of Love~ for the food I ingest and See food as my Medicine for my Temple and I choose my Medicine of the most Loving vibration in any given moment. Amen and so it is.  


Week 6

A Healthy Love Affair with Food My Love affair with food is of the most highest vibration of light and love~ as it nourishes my body and soul~ within this I know that all is of Love within and without~ Amen and so it is


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