April 22 - 26, 2021

“We will be Grounding and Working with the land of the strength of All that she Be.”

Join us in the mountains of Whitefish, Montana for The Knowing Within Montana Retreat. We will retreat and focus on refreshing after a challenging year and learning how to simply Be.  This intimate retreat will welcome 5 guests so we may enjoy connection as well as space. 

This sacred retreat is for those that want to walk in both worlds at the same time and stay Sane! 

The very dense physical world and the nonphysical world - They are both with us - we just need to Be Still - and Listen to the Alma Self of Us. 

Host and Guide: Julia Carmen

Joyful that you all have made the choice to Be on this Journey of Love of Self and That you all heard your Alma. Julia Carmen was born with a gift of a Curandera de Alma (Seer of the Soul). Her gift of being able to see a person's true soul self has guided clients to quiet themselves to hear their own true divine soul self. The agenda, is simple in text but not in the movement we will all be doing. As the land will speak to us in such a specific way, Just for You. So until we (are) all gathered - The land will give us more information.

Retreat Details ‚Äč

What: The Knowing Within Montana Retreat

When: April 22-26, 2021

Where: Whitefish, Montana Dancing Spirit Ranch



Private bedroom in a beautiful room at Dancing Spirit Ranch in Whitefish, Montana.

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner - all meals by a private chef and local yummy food

NOTE: Airfare and rental car are not included Retreat located near Glacier Park International Airport. Alaska airlines has the best possible rates to Whitefish, Montana. Delta and United fly there as well.