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Groundhog Day!

Mar 10, 2022

Happy Groundhog Day!

Hello Beautiful Beings (-;

Below is a writing from a couple of years ago... And since its Groundhog Day , I thought I would repeat the message.

Hope you all enjoy and share with others if you like.

Groundhog Day

There's an old movie called "Groundhog Day"  

In that movie the main character, would wake up to the same day over and over. It wasn't until he "got" that Loving self and being honest with Self, did he experience a new day of Being.

How many of us keep playing the same "stories" over and over in our heads and even ask the same questions ~ why is this happening or why can't things be different?
When we ask the same questions, we are asking the universal source of all ~ to show us the why (of the question over and over again)

Insane ~ si'

So ~ for today ~ Say to yourselves  

Groundhog Day

The play of the old

The play of the new
The play of Self in all eternity
Is no longer my day of the Groundhog Day


 For those of you that have not seen the movie, rent the movie and those of you that have seen it ~ View it again to see how as a human we can at times get stuck. And how that as Loving Soul Beings ~ we can and will free ourselves. In the remembering of our Divine Relationship to the All.


With a Joy of Being Today,


Julia Carmen