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Sacred, not Secret

Oct 06, 2023

When I first discovered Dancing Spirit came to me that this place is Sacred, but not Secret.

Before I even walked the Terra / I knew. We knew.

That’s where I would be holding my first Montana retreat. This was in 2016 - 2017. 

I asked my peeps. Shall we? And they said wait one year. They’re not ready for you.

The Terra is ‘moving’ within its self. It’s preparing for the world. Now that’s the sacred part of this /. Which we will not be talking story about.

As with something Saced we Be with It. And know.

As we experience It. We remember what has been asleep/ waiting for the an awakening within. That was already there. Within.

We as humans struggle with our human experiences. How can we not? Having a body that’s connected to an amazing human brain and heart.

How do we awaken/ that which is already within? Remember it all ? And be able to walk this earth existence.

Dancing Spirit Ranch invites us / invited me to see, be, dance, sing / the Terra with such love. Such loving care of Self. A remembrance of what it feels like to Be whole.