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Say YES!

Mar 10, 2022

YES! Is the answer to all your problems 

What are the benefits of saying "Yes to Self" ?

The Benefits of "Saying Yes to Self" In a Healthy Way.

When we, "Say Yes to Self", In the most Healthiest Way.

We will See the Life and Love we have within. Is that not what we are searching for?  

First we will See 'it' with ourselves and ...then with the others that we love and live with.  

Second, the smiling you will be doing, will keep everyone wondering. (-: "what's going on with ___? I want some of that!

Third, the Wisdom of your Soul will rejoice with you and YOU WILL KNOW WHAT YOU WANT!  

In the moment of time and space the All is revealed. When we "Say Yes to Self" In the most Healthiest Way.

A Prayer just for Us~ ( a really cool way to do this is to look at the mirror and talk story with YOU!

I Am Me
I Am You
I Am Love
I Am Loved
I Am


Repeat 3 times 

P.S Say Yes! To a School Without Walls Retreat!! What a way to Say Yes! to Self. (in the most Healthiest way)

Loving Thoughts to All,

 Julia Carmen