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Singing in the Rain!

Mar 10, 2022

Have you ever danced in the rain? And felt the loving rain on your beautiful body? As you walk in the rain of life See the purpose of this Lifetime. Your time.  

Singing in the rain

Water ~ cleanse ~ a new!

And a ~ Prayer of Gratitude 

As we move into the fullness of Time ~ Use the "rain" of the Now to release~ cleanse~ and See the new within and all those around you ~

I See the rain within

I See the cleanse within 

I See the new within



Prayer of Gratitude

Thank you Creator for all that I Be

Thank you Creator for the rain of my Being

Thank you Creator of this life form I Am 

Thank you Creator for the co ~ creation of Me

Thank you for all that is within my Being of Life.
Thank you for this Time in My life as the Human I Be

Thank you with all the Grace and Love within Us All


This is the Time to Be grateful for so much.

Whatever your understanding of the who/whom (is) The Creator of All

Know that The Creator is Love ~ with the absence of conditions ~ The Creator knows all and knows that (whatever) you call your creator in your mind and soul it is without judgment of the others of Being.  

Bless each other today and See each other without the thoughts of your own. But with the Love of the Great I AM


With The Love of the All of life and joy. In loving gratitude to the all of this time and space

Have a blessed Day,

Julia Carmen