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Sunset ~ Sunrise

Mar 10, 2022

What a blessing it is to watch the sun go down, thats my favorite time of day. Being thankful for another day of living or to be able to say, ‘I got through another day’ and I Am here! On to bed to dream of another day. Si’

Sunset ~ Sunrise ~

 I am grateful for the Sunrise I am grateful for the Sunset I am grateful to be alive today I am grateful to the Creator of the All I am grateful to Be here today with the all of Creation Sunset ~ Sunrise ~ always and forever


Today See ~ the Sunset within ~ See the Sunrise ~ with the eyes of the New ~ we are in a New life of Being today ~ Be the You ~ Know the You ~ Love the You

Sunset within is the shhh ~ stillness of Being within ~ Then "We" See it All


With loving thoughts of knowing, Julia Carmen