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The Spring of YOU in Gratitude!

Mar 10, 2022

Moving into the Spring of you may mean that you must release the old of being

The old thoughts that are dead on the vine of old

A plant will only grow more leaves when old ones are released (cut)

Ask yourselves

What am I holding on to,

that no longer servers me?

What would replace the old?

What new love will I allow into my life?

What am I waiting for?

Remembering that you are your First Love

You are ~ The Spring 

Being in Gratitude of

The Spring of You

together with the Creator of All and knowing

that we co Create

moment to moment

Be the Beauty of Your plant

in all that you do today

And See yourselves

Grow the new leaves of you

in a Thankfulness of Love and Fullness


To The Spring of you and in all that you Be,

Julia Carmen