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Time Passing You By?

Mar 10, 2022

Where has the Time gone? 

When thinking of time- the word Seek- comes up- and these questions come to mind. 

What are we Seeking to See? 

What is it that we Seek?

Are we the Seeker? Or is something Seeking us?

Today - look and See what you might be Seeking

What is Seeking you

Remembering that You are the Gift

That Seeks and (Be) Seeking

Look in the mirror and say to Self

Well…Hello there! So happy to See you. So happy to Meet you!

It’s been a while since I’ve seen you.

Let’s do this everyday. Si’

So we don’t have Seek each other out - I love you!

And you’re mine today and always – Amen! 

Seek that which is within and you will never be



You are The Gift

You Seek


by Julia Carmen

Time where has the time gone?  

No matter how much time has gone by

Lets us remember that we – need not lose the Us

In the process - Time really is on our side 

When we Seek the Knowing Within