Sacred, not Secret Oct 06, 2023

When I first discovered Dancing Spirit came to me that this place is Sacred, but not Secret.

Before I even walked the Terra / I knew. We knew.

That’s where I would be holding my first Montana retreat. This was in 2016 - 2017. 

I asked my peeps. Shall we? And they said wait...

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Exploring The Indigenous Soul with Julia Nov 03, 2022


I am a woman of Mexican descent, of Indigenous Ancestry. My grandparents came from the state of Zacatecas, Mexico. I am a mother of 5 grown children and a grandmother of 27 and a great grandmother of 8. In this time of my life, my grandchildren...

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Coming Out to Myself Jun 23, 2022

by Juliana Guerrero


My name is Juliana Guerrero. I am an apprentice at SWOW. I am the granddaughter of Julia Carmen, and I have worked on the retreats at Dancing Spirit Ranch in Whitefish, Montana. And, this is my story of coming out to myself.

My journey as a person part of the LGBTQIA+...

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Searching Mar 10, 2022

This reminds me of an old song by the artist, Bobby Moore

Searching, Searching for my baby, yes I am,
Searching, Searching for my Love

The song went something like that~ It was all about searching for "that' One Love

What would happen if today was "the" day~ We stopped "Searching"?  


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Sleeping Beauty Mar 10, 2022

 I sleep with the eyes of a Beauty

I awaken with the love of a Beauty

I live my life today as a Beauty


Today ~ see what "might" be asleep

And wake it up to the love of you within

See the "awakened" self of you

And cheer out loud!

I have "kissed" myself awake!

I am awake!

I am...

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By the Light of the Moon Mar 10, 2022

By the Light of the New Moon

In the Light of the New Moon

We See the darkness of the Light

And in doing so we are grateful

for all that Is~ and will Be
As there Is no light without darkness.
And no darkness without light.
You~ See~ they are the same in this time and...
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Amen Mar 10, 2022

Today's blog Theme is

And so it is!

Which means...Amen!


Today sing the song of Amen in your Spirit and Soul!

Saying ~ Amen ~

To every Amazing thought you have today

Of Heath and Well~Being

Yes~ every single thought ~ every single thought of Love ~you have for Self~

(repeat this 3...

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Hello from 2014 a day in Hawaii Mar 10, 2022

It has been one full month since I have been home (Hawaii) and so much could happen if you visit the island. As for myself, this morning there was a downpour in the rainforest and when I looked out my kitchen window, a full rainbow in all her glory appeared. I immediately thought, take a picture!...

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Say YES! Mar 10, 2022

YES! Is the answer to all your problems 

What are the benefits of saying "Yes to Self" ?

The Benefits of "Saying Yes to Self" In a Healthy Way.

When we, "Say Yes to Self", In the most Healthiest Way.

We will See the Life and Love we have within. Is that not what we are searching for? ...

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New Me, New Year?! Mar 10, 2022

New me, New Year?! What comes first?

Saying to yourselves ~ New me ~ New an interesting thing to say to Self ~ Si'  

Today say to yourselves~

New me ~ New Year

New me ~ New Year, Oh Yes!
New me ~ New Year truth!!

New me ~ New Year Divine!

( repeat 3 times)

And then say...

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Groundhog Day! Mar 10, 2022

Happy Groundhog Day!

Hello Beautiful Beings (-;

Below is a writing from a couple of years ago... And since its Groundhog Day , I thought I would repeat the message.

Hope you all enjoy and share with others if you like.

Groundhog Day

There's an old movie called "Groundhog Day"  

In that...

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My Direction Mar 10, 2022

As the New Year begins and the excitement of the New You has dissipated somewhat.  

Let's face it , it's back to work and all the "Magic" of the Holidays are behind us, now we ask ourselves...

Now What?

Which direction ?

Ok, so your going to lose weight and get organized and find that Mate...

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