Our Honor Song Within Mar 10, 2022

Our Honor Song Within, Our Human Being

The softness of Us ~ is the Glory in all that we do ~ The energies that are Us ~ need to Be attended Now.

As we move through all that is now. We must understand to take hold of the Us within.

Knowing Self and Honoring Self in All that we do without the...

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Your Open Heart Mar 10, 2022

What does it mean to have an Open Heart?

When we love Self in a Healthy Loving way~ we understand that a Healthy Loving Heart is open to the Love we have within and we See, others Healthy Loving Heart. We are open to the All of humankind and yet know whom to allow in our sacred circle of Love....

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The Energy Mar 10, 2022

Have you ever seen a Honu (sea turtle)

ride a wave?
Living in Hawaii and watching those beautiful Honu's and there grace of Being, has brought me much joy and love within Self.

The lessons of Being and "riding" my own wave of this life time. The Energy of riding ones own wave.


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The Light Mar 10, 2022

By the Light of 'Self' these thoughts are You.

The Light

The Light

The Light of my Life

The Light of You

The Light of this World

The Light Within

The Light I Hold

The Light You Hold

The Light of Our Soul/Spirit

The Light of The Great I AM

Amen ~


Today See the light within Self...

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Another Amen Mar 10, 2022

Another Amen to the life we Be. Another Amen to the life of Love.

Hear the Amen within and know you are enough. Sing within your being of Self.

Repeat 3 times the Another Amen, and allow yourselves to breathe in your completion.

Another Amen!

Another Amen!

Another Amen! to the Love we are-...

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Kingdom of Heaven Mar 10, 2022

Peace and the life

What is Peace to you?

What does it mean to have Peace of mind?

Where is Peace?

Yes, the Peace we seek is within.

Do we really believe it...truly?

From the beginning of time we have been told that "the kingdom of heaven is within"

Wow! To have a kingdom and heaven within....

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How Deep Do You Roll? Mar 10, 2022

I was watching Rachael Ray this morning and Lin-Manuel Miranda the producer of Hamilton a Broadway play was a guest on her show and as well as his mother and father and family. And as he was talking story with Rachael Ray, he said, "We roll deep", in regards to family. if you don't know what that...

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The Peace Within - The Star of You Mar 10, 2022

When we See the Peace within

Then we See the possibility in our lives. 

In a "busy mind" we will only See the past and future concerns.

Seeing our own Peace within

allows us to See the true Alignment of the Source in all that we do~In the Now~Of this moment.

Today, repeat these words 3...

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Mirror Mirror on the Wall...Who's the Fairest of them All? Mar 10, 2022

Mirror mirror on the wall...who's the fairest of them all?

Here's a link to an NPR story about how we see ourselves - when we look into the mirror. 

Below is a poem/story by Caroline Wong, about how she sees herself - enjoy!


Looking into the Mirror

Looking into the mirror

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Sunset ~ Sunrise Mar 10, 2022

What a blessing it is to watch the sun go down, thats my favorite time of day. Being thankful for another day of living or to be able to say, ‘I got through another day’ and I Am here! On to bed to dream of another day. Si’

Sunset ~ Sunrise ~

 I am grateful for the Sunrise...
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The Wind Bath Mar 10, 2022

Where is the wind blowing you? 

Have you ever been in the wind? 

And felt it's loving movement around you?

I've been told that the wind, are the ancestors talking story, encouraging us to let go of all our past old thoughts and future worries.

Today, stand in the wind of your time of...

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The Earth of Love Mar 10, 2022

She lives and breaths Us

She is our Being of Life

Can you hear her sound?

She Rings her sound


Through Us

Within Us

Beneath US

Above Us


She only wants Us

To acknowledge her

To listen to her

So that we too will Be


of the knowing of who we are

The Big Love





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